X-Patch Games

Grab your partner and get registered for the 1st ever X Patch Games! Our event will be held at Camp Washington Ranch where we can hold exciting events not found in your conventional gym!

The Events

The X-Patch Games will consist of 4 events testing Strength and Endurance, Running, Pushing and Pulling.

There are no limits. We will open the games to 2 divisions. Men’s and women’s teams of two, with only 15 teams in each division.

We will release the events with the expected standards and include videos of what you are to expect during the games. Each team will have a judge when they are competing.

The first three events will run on a point system. The top 5 teams in each division will move on to the final event. This event will be the biggest test for overall strength and endurance. The top male and female team will be awarded with a trophy and hold the title of X Patch Games Champions.






Entrance to the concert area will open at 6:00 P.M. and Clay Walker concert begins at 9:00 P.M.
Evening concert headliner – Clay Walker (separate tickets required: General Admission or VIP)